Nobluenous by Veky Arnaut, Switzerland


We all take the beauty of our planet for granted and if we don’t act now we will slowly but surely lose color in more than one way. Without blue, there is no green. No blue no us.


Veky - 32 - Austrian Passionate filmmaker and loyal participant of the ZFF72 competition for the past 3 years. Loves to tell stories in motion. Samira - 27 - Swiss Feels at home wherever the sea is as diving instructor and animal lover. Protecting the big blue ocean is her calling. Sylvain - 27 - French The ocean is where he feels alive. Discovering and and becoming one with all its wonders is everything to him.

Veky Arnaut
Film Editor, DOP, Producer
Samira Zwyssig
DOP Underwater
Sylvain Seronie
DOP Underwater, Colorgrader