Water Spirit by werner koschig, Switzerland


Location: Zurich LakeSide/ city of ZFF

We cannot buy time.
We may though experience life as it happens.
Now. In the now. Directly. In Silence.
Through water.
One essential element. Many vibrations.

Water is an essential power source. Source power. We are made of 80% of water. Only water. So, by the way we are very close to a cucumber.
Connecting with the water's vibrational energy, we may understand the magic of water. Watching with a relaxed focus the waves of water created around some balanced stones, that are an anonymous work of art by itself... we may merge into a short 1-minute meditation. Small wonders just around the corner. Please enjoy this free moment of meditative silence and contemplation in the middle of a hectic Zurich city september day 2016. Modern pressures of our daily lives also represented by the timer running on both sides. Escape is easy, once realized. Everyone can do. Not much required. Or is that already too much ?
The feeling maybe like walking on water. Free !


1 man digital multimedia-producer features & storytelling/ reportage Zurich based/ international