SEVENTY TWO by Claudia Aerni, Switzerland


What if you had only seventy two hours left?
Would you indulge yourself or take your time to say goodbye to your loved ones?
What if you only then realized what's really important?
Would you wait for your time to be over or take control?
What if it was all just a big mistake?
Who's guilty?


A crew of film enthusiasts living in the beautiful valley of Engadin! We all come from different working backgrounds, but we share a deep passion for filmmaking and storytelling. Our last comedy short for the ZFF72 summer edition ("Sommer Love") was our successful first ZFF72 contribution and now we're ready and hot for more! Check out "Sommer Love": A HUGE thank you to all our helpers and supporters! We couldn't have done it without you <3 Thanks to: Claudias incredible grandma Aldina Bonetti Candeago for her time, patience and performance Ibexmedia &, Filippo Giani for his trust, love and support, Jean Marie Delnon for your time, your passion, your pictures and your drone Hotel Restaurant Corvatsch, Daniela Aerni-Bonetti for an amazing lunch and the location Casino St.Moritz , Carmen Haselwanter & Team for another great casino experience QN Bar, Silvano Vitalini and Samanta Pisanello for the location, the cigar and Sams fantastic acting Do it Punt Muragl, Annatina Meyer for her help and the cardboard Bucherer St.Moritz, Martin Husi for allowing us to shoot in front of the store And everyone else who always supports us!

Daniel Neuhaus
Erik Denz
Sound & Grip
Andrea Somazzi
Jean Marie Delnon
Set photographer
Frank Rigamonti
DP & Editing
Milkmovie Team