Blue or ...? by Darya Nevzorova, Switzerland


During her walks with her 3 daugthers a mother is confronted with strangers having their opinion on a family idilly.
People don't believe she and especially her husband are happy that the kids are of the same gender; they are sure a couple wanted that their third baby was a boy; some are sure she and her husband also have to have a boy and have to «keep trying».
In fact she never cared or wished her next baby to be a boy or a girl. All what matters to her is happiness and health of her kids. Thus she is annoyed by such trivial opinions, she just wants to be left in peace, she gets angry.
She finds a simple solution of how to stop unwanted chats and make people believe she has got all she needs.


Darya Nevzorova- screenplay, producer Nickola Pako- camera, editor Gabriel D'elia- original music Actors: Ganna Magard - mother of 3 girls Viera Magard - eldest daughter Katharina Magard- middle daughter Jeremy Chung - Chinese man Ciucanu Victoria Maria -baby girl Ciucanu Irina - woman in the cafe window Ciucanu Ionut Antonio - man in the park

Nickola Pako
Camera, cut, compose