5306km by Offir Limacher, Switzerland



Jahr 2016 - situation ist prekär, es herrscht Krieg. Wassermangel in einem Land wo alles brennt. Verzweifelt suchen alle das leben. Nichts ausser Erde in den Händen. Alles was bleibt ein Traum  in der ferne - umschlungen von der Freiheit. Alles was bleibt die Realität in einem Land, wo alles brennt und das leben nicht mehr zählt.

Year 2016 - The situation is uncertain, war is happening. Shortage of water in a country on fire. Everyone is desperately trying to live. But dry soil is all that meets the hand. The only thing that remains is a dream in the distance - embraced by freedom. But all there is is the reality; in a land of burning flames where there's no life.


Young movie and acting lovers who love to do what we love to do. Point productions... We get to the point !

Laura Starace
Aurelio Rossi
Production Assistent/Soundman
Cyril Bienz
Andri Holzner
Gökhan Kirmaci
Production Assistent
Antonia Blazevic-Kirmaci
Offir Limacher