Winning by chance by Jonathan Wartmann, Switzerland


What's the chance of a fluke win?
The background content of the movie is, how big is the chance of a lucky win?
But the main content is, that every run of lucky winning will end at a certain time.
Acutally the chance to win by a coin throw is still 50%, so every second time you will lose on an average.


Track: Demons
Artist: cdk

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)


Some would say I should live my creativity, but I'm saying that I am living my creativity already. Looking for an idea I found it in a concept of myself with influences of other family members. The theme "by chance" was a great opportunity to give a 72h shot of creativty into a movie with a duration of 72 seconds. If you would like to see other of my art works visit my hompage: I'm still on the way of learning new technics and it probably will last my whole livetime. The young learn from the old and also the other way round.