The Notes by Ferawati Knoepfel, Switzerland


The story is staring Jaylen, 8 years old boy, and his mom Fera. Jaylen tries to remind his mom about her daily activities by posting notes in some places that familiar to him. In this movie, the director wants to bring the idea of children have capabilities than most of adults assumed. Furthermore, Fera illustrates being a mom is not an easy thing, but Jaylen helps her by a small thing as illustrated in the movie. At the end of the movie, Fera appreciates Jay’s efforts by giving him a small appreciation through his efforts.


It will be me and my friendl Ghivo Pratama as Director and Cameramen & Technical. And we might have one more Actor. Depent on Theme that will be announce.

Ghivo Pratama
Cameramen, Editor, Audio
Jaylen Knöpfel