Hacking Humans by Ann Luttinger, Switzerland



An older man is looking at some pictures of women on internet.
One of these women interests him, but he is aware that his chances are not high to get her.
He decides to use the CRISPR Gene Editing device to hack his Genes and to transform himself into an attractive young man.
We see him starting the internet-ordering of genetic patterns and printing the miraculous liquid, which he will inject into his ear.
After an undefined moment of time between the worlds, he wakes up and finds himself as beautiful and handsome young man. Happily, he wants to provide a feedback on the CRISPR site, which leads him to look at other persons, having already left a feedback.
He sees the beautiful woman he was interested in and finds out, that she isn't that unexperienced young woman she seemed to be, but had undergone a Genetic Transformation too.


Our team consits of three persons. Ann, who wanted to do a film and two charmant men who made this possible.

Avigdor Luttinger
First human to be fully genetical transformed
Young man
happily transformed