Hack Me! by Aleksandra Kramar, Switzerland


In this fast moving world I let my brain be hacked by social media. In a twisted, enthusiastic way, I want to be a marionette in others hands. Being pulled up or down depending on the number of likes and wearing masks in a virtual world. I forget what is really important and then it can be too late. So... hack me!


A powerful and beautiful female crew of hobby filmmakers, on a fun and purposeful mission to tell the story. Aleksandra Kramar - Producer & Director, Script, Camera Operator & Movie Editor Agnieszka Boksz Bor - Co-Producer, Director, Script, Production Designer Yuliia Jakob - Actress, Script, Art Director Ewelina Mitrega - Script, Art Director, Set Design Irene Zijlmans - Art Director, Set Design, Synopsis

Aleksandra Kramar
Producer and Director Camera Operator Movie Editor
Agnieszka Boksz Bor
Co-Producer Director Production Designer
Yuliia Jakob
Actress Script Art Director
Ewelina Mitrega
Script Art Director Set Design
Irene Zijlmans
Art Director Set Design Synopsis