Summer Love by Victor Kunzig, Switzerland


From a first time writer, director and musician comes this magnificent portrayal of a couples distress during this years summer.

But besides their turmoil, inexplicable language barrier and struggling relationship, they find a common cause to unite.

Called by many pre-screen viewers as the most "meta" film yet to enter this years contest, it is sure to mark the directorial debut of Mr Victor into the highly regarded film industry. Word has it, he is already considered Switzerland's answer to Uwe Boll, and that means a lot for this country.

Early impressions from around the world:
"Is it supposed to be funny?" - Former friend of director
"I don't get it" - Directors sibling
"There's too much stuff in it, im confused, what's it about again?" - Soon to be ex-girlfriend
"It is funny, but not so funny that it is super funny" - Person with lesser intelligence
"In the beginning I didn't understand it. So I had to watch it twice. And I feel like I still don't fully get it." - Walking broom
"It's confusing, funny, but confusing. I had to watch it twice and pause to read stuff" - Person with language barrier


I'm a first time director, writer and bad friend as I forced my two co-workers into helping me make this movie.

Miss Maria
Miss Mayce
Lead Actress, Co-Writer, Casting Director